We’re breaking down some of the top warning signs your brakes need checking. Your truck is made up of many components that work to keep you safe on the roads, but none are more important than your brakes. Your brake system is made up of multiple parts, which require maintenance, repairs and replacement to ensure they remain in peak working condition.

In today’s day and age, with technology to support, it is rare that brakes will fail without providing you of an issue first. It’s important as an operator that you know what to look for when it comes to issues with your brakes. We’ve listed some of the top warning signs your brakes need checking. Warning signs you should never ignore.

Your brake light comes on

It is key to understand the different brake light indicators on your dashboard and what each of them mean. This will ensure if you have a brake light indicator come on, you’ll know what the issue is and you can react accordingly. As soon as you see a brake light come on, contact Truckfix WA for assistance. 

A burning smell

If you notice a chemical smell, that smells like something is close to burning, this could be your brakes. This can happen when you’re driving on roads where there is a need to apply your brakes frequently, such as when driving downhill or even around the metro area, with the volume of stop-starting you do. If you notice a smell, pull over and allow the brakes to fully cool and call Truckfix WA to assist.

Leaking fluid

If you identify that fluid is leaking from your vehicle, this isn’t right. Fluid leaks can be a result of many different issues, however, there is a good chance it could be your brakes. As we’ve said, when it comes to you brakes there’s no time to mess around – get them checked straight away for your own peace of mind and safety.

Pull or odd sensations when braking

When braking, your truck should remain aligned, it you feel your truck starting to pull, shake, wobble or vibrate, this should indicate an immediate issue. Where this occurs, contact Truckfix WA to book in for a brake inspection.

Brake repairs and inspection are serious business. Ensure your truck brakes are maintained and service by your trusted service centre, Truckfix WA.

At Truckfix WA we’re committed to providing the highest quality of work, and delivering on the highest safety and performance standards, ensuring each one of our customers leaves us with their vehicles in its best working condition. We offer truck, trailer, and van service schedules, as well as vehicle inspections. Call us today and ask us about our services or book your next service or inspection online.

At Truckfix WA we specialise in servicing European and Japanese heavy vehicles. Specifically specialising in truck service and repairs across makes such as Iveco trucksDAF trucksVolvo trucksFuso trucksIsuzu trucksUD trucks and Hino trucks, and many more.

Get in contact with Perth’s European and Japanese truck engine rebuild and reconditioning specialists today!

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