Truckfix WA truck service and repairs have your trailer repair and servicing needs covered. Offering minor trailer repairs or services, brake and suspension replacement, through to a major rebuilds, no one gets the job done like Truckfix WA. Our team of experts, both in the workshop and in the office, will source the parts and explain the best solution for you. We know that it’s not always an easy decision, so our team help you weigh up the challenges and benefits to make the right decision when it comes to your trailer. 

We know having your trailer in the shop is a hassle, but the service you receive doesn’t have to be. We make sure we get your trailer back on the road in peak condition and at an affordable rate, and competitive labour rate. We’re dedicated to providing customer service above all else, making your life easier and helping your business to grow.

Trailer repairs, services and rebuilds include:

  • Major and minor trailer preventative maintenance and servicing,
  • Axle repair and replacement,
  • Suspension repairs and replacements,
  • Brake repair, replacement and realignment,
  • Electrical and air system troubleshooting and repair,
  • Suspension repairs and replacement,
  • Wheel repairs, replacement and alignment,
  • Accreditation inspections,
  • and much more!