When it comes to maintaining your truck and keeping it running in peak condition, regular maintenance is key. Truck maintenance is preventive care for your truck, while it will cost money and means some downtime off the road, its critical to keeping your truck on the road and minimising the need for major repairs. We often get asked, what’s the difference between a truck service vs truck inspection.

What is the difference between a scheduled service and an inspection?

Simply put, both are scheduled, with servicing being the lubrication and replenishment of components such as greasing, adding oils etc. While a truck inspection is a verification that the condition of your truck, trailer or van is acceptable, either visually, or using an enhancement method through diagnostics and test methods.

Truck Inspection

A truck inspection is made up of checks and balances, ensuring you truck, van or trailer conforms with regulations governing safety, ensuring vehicle’s parts and accessories are safe and in good working condition. Inspections are required at various times throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. We often recommend getting a quick inspection completed prior to key seasonal changes or prior to purchasing a truck, trailer or van etc. At Truckfix WA we perform a safety inspection with every service undertaken. Further we offer Main Road Accreditation Inspections.

Truck Service

Truck servicing is critical to the overall health and wellbeing of your truck. Scheduled truck servicing and maintenance reduces the number of breakdowns and keeps your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Minimising the chance of major issues and repairs arising, while maximising you uptime on the road.

Both truck services and truck inspections are vital to the performance and lifespan of your truck. Truck owners and operators need to maintain both in parallel to ensure maximum performance and condition of their truck, van or trailer.

At Truckfix WA we’re committed to providing the highest quality of work, and delivering on the highest safety and performance standards, ensuring each one of our customers leaves us with their vehicles in its best working condition. We offer both truck, trailer, and van service schedules, as well as vehicle inspections. Call us today and ask us about our services or book your next service or inspection online.

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