We find we’re often asked the same types of questions around truck maintenance and repairs, which got us thinking, why not start a blog to answer some of these common questions around truck Maintenance, Repairs & Tips. Our goal is to give our community of drives and truck owners across Australia more information around truck, trailer and van servicing, repairs, maintenance and common tips. Keeping you more informed and your truck running in peak condition.

Our guess is, if one of our customers are asking these questions, then many of you are too. Check out our helpful tips and posts answering commonly asked questions and common discussions which pop up on a daily basis in the Truckfix WA workshop.

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  • Top 10 Common Heavy Truck Transmission Problems and How to Fix Them
    Your truck’s transmission is one of the most critical components making up your truck. Your truck transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. So it’s important to know, and understand, how you can be proactive your truck’s transmission maintenance. We’re breaking it all down in this blog, where we provideRead More
  • The Cost of Neglecting Your Truck Maintenance
    Let’s talk about the cost of neglecting your truck maintenance because the cost is high. Ensuring your truck is maintained properly is vital to all aspects of your truck’s health and longevity. When we talk about the importance of truck maintenance, we’re talking (but not limited to) performance, longevity, comfort, safety, sales return when youRead More
  • How to Choose the Right Truck Service Centre
    When your livelihood relies on the reliable operation of your truck or trucks, finding a reputable and reliable truck repair centre is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. Whether you’re a seasoned fleet manager or an owner-operator, the choice of where to take your truck for repairs and maintenance can significantly impact your bottomRead More
  • A Day in the Life of a Diesel Technician
    A heavy diesel technician plays a crucial role in maintaining the operational integrity of our trucks and vans while out on the road. Your expert technicians understand the ins and outs of trucks and vans, and are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of safety for drivers while ensuring uninterrupted operations for the business relying onRead More
  • Common Truck Suspension Issues & How To Avoid Them
    Suspension issues can cause a real headache. Maintaining your truck’s suspension and steering is essential to ensure the safety of your truck, yourself and others out on the road. Whether it be a certain part or component that needs replacing due to wear and tear, or a slight adjustment required, whatever the case, it’s importantRead More
  • Fluid Maintenance: The Lifeline of Your Truck Engine
    Do you know the basics of fluid maintenance for your truck? Think about it like this. Your fluids are the heartbeat of your truck. Why? Because they play a critical role in maintaining the overall health of your engine and therefore your truck. Proper maintenance of your European or Japanese truck is key to keepingRead More
  • How to choose the right parts partner
    If you own a truck, your parts and repair decisions, and needs, can often be the most challenging part of owning that truck. There is so much you need to take into account to keep your truck running tip top condition. Like how to choose the right parts partner. This is why you need toRead More
  • What to look for when buying a used truck
    Buying a used truck might seem like a straightforward task, but if you don’t take the right approach, you could end up with a lemon that costs you in the long run. We often get asked from our customers or people we know who are in the market for a used truck, ‘what should IRead More
  • The importance of proper truck diagnostics
    We talk a lot about regular checks and servicing of your truck, and today we wanted to take you through the importance of proper truck diagnostics. We know small problems can become big problems quickly when left unchecked. We also know unplanned downtime costs money and can have significant implications on your business. Truck diagnosticsRead More
  • Myths about heavy duty truck parts
    When something goes wrong with our truck and you need to source new parts and components, knowing what parts – genuine or aftermarket – can be challenging. We know the same part made by a manufacturer can be available across many brands, but which one do you choose? We wanted to breakdown a few ofRead More
  • Most commonly replaced truck parts
    We know most truck drivers / owners know they need to keep up to date with their service schedules and truck maintenance to ensure their truck continues to operate in peek condition. With this said, we often find it’s knowing which truck parts and accessories to keep an eye on to avoid costly break downs.Read More
  • What to look for when selecting a truck service centre
    Selecting a diesel mechanic or truck service centre to look after your truck or fleet is an important decision. These are heavy investments which require careful decision making when looking at who will ensure your truck remains operating in peak condition. So what do you look for when selecting a truck service centre or mechanic?Read More
  • Don’t ignore the signs
    What do we mean by ‘Don’t ignore the signs’… When it comes to your service schedule, there are often variations to the type of service you’re booked in for. Are you booking in for a minor service, major service, specific inspection… there are many variations. The usage of your vehicle and the conditions it’s operatedRead More
  • Finding the right parts for your truck!
    Looking for a supplier of high performance and quality parts is critical for truck owners. As is finding the right parts for your truck. As strong and robust as trucks are, it is inevitable that the parts and accessories in your truck will deteriorate over time. So, it’s important you find a quality and reliableRead More
  • Top Truck Parts You Should Check Regularly
    We’ve spoken about the importance of keeping your truck operating in peak condition. From regular maintenance and servicing to pre-trip inspections, these are top truck parts you should check regularly to ensure your truck is operating at its peak. But what about the inner workings, the components that keep your truck operating at its peak.Read More
  • Signs your truck needs a little TLC
    Don’t let small issues become big issues! Whether you’re running your truck around town, or you’re running it long distances, across state or country, you need to ensure your truck can go the distance. Ask yourself, do I know the signs my truck needs a little TLC. Sometimes it’s a noise or a smell thatRead More
  • Let’s talk about coolant choices!
    Yes, let’s talk about coolant choices! Coolant often gets grouped as just another fluid you need to ensure is going into your truck. When you book your truck in for an inspection or service, your coolant levels will get checked with your oil.  But how much do you really know and understand about the roleRead More
  • Pre-winter inspection for your truck
    It seems like only yesterday we were preparing our trucks for last year’s winter season, and while the heat of summer continues through our Autumn months, it’s that time of year again that we need to start thinking about preparing our trucks for the wet winter ahead.   Remember, a good routine makes for aRead More
  • Top Essentials Every Truckie Should Have in the Cab
    Whether you’re driving around town, or out driving long haul on the road for days or weeks on end, it’s important to know that your cab is stocked up with the essentials you need to support on the road checks and maintenance if needed. Some of the must have items we recommend include: Tyre pressureRead More
  • Tips to Staying Healthy on the Road
    Our truck drivers are the driving force and the backbone of Australia, ensuring our key services continue to receive and churn out goods and produce. We talk a lot about how to care for our trucks, trailers or vans, but what about our drivers. Without these incredible men and women our country would quite literallyRead More
  • Signs Your Engine Needs Repairs
    We talk a lot about preventative care and maintenance, but it’s just as important to know the key signs and red flags to look at when your truck or van needs repairs. Being able to identify signs your engine needs repairs or maintenance is critical to avoiding major engine issues and faults, as well asRead More
  • Common Reasons Diesel Engines Overheat
    Engine overheating is a common issue with diesel engines, particularly during the hot summer months. We often get questions from our customers during the hotter months about how they can ensure their engines don’t overheat. It’s important to understand common reasons diesel engines overheat, not just in the hotter months, but all year round. WeRead More
  • The Importance of Regular Servicing
    The transport industry is quite literally the driving force which keeps our state and nation running. With ever increasing demand placed on the transport industry, it’s critical for drivers and companies to understand the importance of regular servicing and maintenance. Regular servicing and maintenance of your truck, van or trailer, ensures your vehicle remains operatingRead More
  • Truckfix WA’s Top 3 Truck Maintenance Tips
    We know time is money, that’s why we wanted to share our top 3 truck maintenance tips to help keep your truck running in peak condition. Check out Truckfix WA’s top 3 maintenance tips to keep you truck on the road longer. Check your coolant and engine oil levels With summer upon us, you needRead More
  • Warning Signs Your Brakes Need Checking
    We’re breaking down some of the top warning signs your brakes need checking. Your truck is made up of many components that work to keep you safe on the roads, but none are more important than your brakes. Your brake system is made up of multiple parts, which require maintenance, repairs and replacement to ensureRead More

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