We’ve spoken about the importance of keeping your truck operating in peak condition. From regular maintenance and servicing to pre-trip inspections, these are top truck parts you should check regularly to ensure your truck is operating at its peak. But what about the inner workings, the components that keep your truck operating at its peak.

We often get asked by our customers, what are the top parts they should check on the regular? Parts they can monitor and check themselves.

Check out our top 5 parts you can check regularly yourself.

Headlight and indicator bulbs

Trucks operate in many conditions throughout the year, and it’s critical for your own safety, and the safety of others on the road that your electrical parts are operating as they should. Prior to hitting the road, test your headlight bulbs and indicator parts are operating as expected.

Signs Your Truck needs a little TLC

Check your brakes

Pulling heavy loads places a large strain on your brake system and can quickly cause wear and tear of your brakes.

If you hear your brakes making unusual noises, they start vibrating or you notice the brake pad lining appears to be worn, bring your truck into Truckfix WA and we’ll give it a once over for you. At Truckfix WA, we check the state of your brakes as a priority.

Check your tyres

Damaged tyres are not only extremely dangerous to you, others on the road and your truck, they can cause costly downtime if not attended to. From a dangerous tyre blow out, to reduced fuel economy through low pressure. Tyre maintenance is critical to keeping your truck running safely and economically.

Wiper blades

Wiper blades are critical in the winter months. Deteriorated wiper blades can cause blurred visibility on the road. When wiper blades deteriorate, proper contact with the windscreen is prevented, leaving you without a clear view of the road. This causes high risks out on the road.

Oil check

One of the first things you should check is your engine oil. Consistent checks of you oil and oil filter parts. Oil changes improve engine lubrication and remove grime. In the colder temperatures, engine oil can thicken and at times this can cause issues for the starter engine consistency. Ensure you check your oil and filters, and if you’re not sure what to look for, ask us at your next visit.

Each of these items should be part of your pre-trip inspection before hitting the road. It’s important that you maintain and check the condition of your truck parts between each service and repairs, to maintain performance and safety while out on the road.

Truckfix WA is a family owned and run service centre, located in Forrestfield. Providing Truck, Trailer and Van service and repairs. Started by husband and wife, Chris and Claire, Truckfix WA specialise in servicing and repairing European and Japanese Trucks, as well as trailers and vans. Specifically specialising in truck service & repairs across makes such as, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Fuso, Isuzu, UD and Hino trucks, just to name a few.

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