Whether you’re driving around town, or out driving long haul on the road for days or weeks on end, it’s important to know that your cab is stocked up with the essentials you need to support on the road checks and maintenance if needed.

Some of the must have items we recommend include:

Tyre pressure gauge

It’s the small tools and checks that often ensure you avoid the big accidents. Be proactive and have a tyre pressure gauge on hand in the cab to ensure you can check your tyre pressure when you’re out and about.

First aid kit

Your own health and safety is as important as your truck’s health. Ensure you have a first aid kit on board, stocked with everything you need to support your health and well-being out on the roads.

In case of emergency kit

Your go to ‘in case of emergency kit’ is as important as your first aid kit. This kit covers you for those unexpected scenarios our on the road and avoid you thinking ‘I wish I had …..’. Some ideas for what could make up your emergency kit include:

  • batteries,
  • starter cables,
  • food and water,
  • drive belt,
  • basic truck tools (pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, duct tape, extra fuses, Swiss army knife etc), and
  • flash light.

Spare coolant and oil

Ensuring your engine remains running in tip top condition, especially on those hotter months. Having spare coolant and oil is a must. We recommend carrying 5L of coolant and 5L of oil.

High vis-vest

While high visibility vests are compliance requirement on most sites, having a hi-vis vest in the cab will ensure you never get caught out.

Healthy snacks

Yes, this should be part of your emergency kit, but we wanted to call it out on its own. Busy schedules and days on the road can leave you needing fuel for your own tank. Keep healthy snacks in the cab to get you through in between meals and help you stay focused.

Truckfix WA is a family owned and run service centre, located in Forrestfield. Providing Truck, Trailer and Van service and repairs. Started by husband and wife, Chris and Claire, Truckfix WA specialise in servicing and repairing European and Japanese Trucks, as well as trailers and vans. Specifically specialising in truck service & repairs across makes such as, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Fuso, Isuzu, UD and Hino trucks, just to name a few.

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