Your truck’s transmission is one of the most critical components making up your truck. Your truck transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. So it’s important to know, and understand, how you can be proactive your truck’s transmission maintenance. We’re breaking it all down in this blog, where we provide you with out top tips on what to look out for to identify any potential issues.

Transmission issues can impact the performance of your truck. These are our top 10 common transmission problems we see in trucks and some supporting solutions to address them effectively.

  1. Sliding transmission: Exactly how it sounds. Slipping and sliding of your transmission occurs when your gears fail to engage properly. This results in a loss of power for your truck. This likely occurs for a few reasons, low transmission fluid levels, worn clutch plates, or internal damage. So how can you solution this? Look at checking and replenish your transmission fluid levels, inspect your clutch plates, and perform a thorough diagnostic checks to identify any internal issues.
  2. Delayed gear engagement: Delayed gear engagement is when you experience a delay when shifting your gears. This could be caused by many factors, from low transmission fluid levels, worn shift solenoids, or hydraulic pressure issues. To solution this, check and replenish transmission fluid levels, inspect and replace worn shift solenoids, and perform hydraulic system diagnostics to identify and address any issues.
  3. Transmission fluid leaks: Fluid leaks in your transmission can occur from many things, from damaged seals, gaskets, or transmission pan bolts. The impact experienced from these leaks can lead to low fluid levels, which can result in overheating and damage to other internal components of your truck. To solution this, we recommend speaking to your preferred truck service centre and scheduling regular checks and inspections. This will ensure any leaks are repaired quickly and damaged seals, gaskets, or bolts are replaced, and transmission fluid levels are topped up to the required levels.
  4. Strange or unusual noises: Unusual noises are always a telling sign that something’ is not right’s not quite right with your truck. When it comes to your transmission, look for screeching, grinding, or clunking sounds during gear shifts. These types of sounds generally indicate that there’s some sort of problem with your transmission. These problems could be a result of many things, from worn gears, bearings, or synchronisers. To solution this, we recommend having a thorough inspection conducted by you preferred truck service centre of your truck’s transmission system. This inspection will aim to identify any worn or damaged components, which you can then replace as needed.
  5. Overheating: Overheating is never good! Overheating in your transmission can occur when your fluid levels are low, your transmission coolers are blocked, or your truck is undertaking excessive towing or hauling of heavy loads. Overheating can lead to fluid breakdown and damage to your internal components. To solution this, we recommend you check and refill your transmission fluid levels, ensure your transmission coolers are clean and free from obstructions, and avoid excessive towing or hauling loads in hot conditions.
  6. Unpredictable gear shifts: Unpredictable shifting of your gears can be caused by faulty sensors, solenoids, or electronic control units (ECUs). To solution this, we recommend you engage your preferred truck service centre to perform diagnostic tests which will be able to identify and replace any faulty sensors, solenoids, or ECUs, and recalibrate the transmission system as needed.
  7. Gears getting stuck: When your gears get stuck, this means your gear is having trouble shifting/moving into a particular gear position. This can be a result of a mechanical issues such as a damaged shifter cable or linkage, or internal transmission problems. To solution this, we recommend your engage your preferred truck service centre to undertake an inspection of your gears, and where needed replace the damaged shifter cables or linkages. On top of this, we recommend undertaking diagnostic review to identify and address any internal transmission issues.
  8. Transmission fluid contamination: Your transmission fluid can become contaminated. This can occur as a result of external debris, moisture, or coolant appearing in your transmission fluid. Contaminated fluid can lead to increased friction, component wear, and reduced transmission performance. To solution this, we recommend speaking with your preferred truck service centre to arrange to have your contaminated transmission fluid replaced or flushed, inspect for and repair any sources of contamination which are identified, and ensure regular fluid maintenance to prevent future contamination.
  9. Torque converter problems: Torque converter problems can be identified through heavy vibrations or shuddering felt through your truck during acceleration. They can also be identified when you feel your clutch locking up or failing. These issues can be caused by worn or damaged torque converter components, such as clutch plates or seals. To solution this, we recommend performing a torque converter inspection and rebuild as needed, replacing any and all worn and damaged parts to bring the torque converter back to its proper state.
  10. Transmission warning lights: Dashboard warning light indicate a potential issue that needs attention. When your transmission warning light appears on your truck’s dashboard, you need to seek immediate assistance. Your transmission warning light may indicate a few things, such as low fluid levels, overheating, or electronic control unit (ECU) malfunctions. To solution this, we recommend engaging your preferred truck service centre to have diagnostic tests completed to identify the underlying cause. Once identified, you can then address any issues accordingly, whether it be topping up fluid levels, clearing obstructions, or replacing faulty components.

Regular maintenance, and having a scheduled maintenance schedule, set based on your specific truck needs, is a must. Familiarise yourself with these 10 common heavy truck transmission problems and how to solution them. Identifying issues in the early stages will save your time and money in the long run, keeping your truck running at peak performance, while also minimising your downtime. Win win!

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