Our truck drivers are the driving force and the backbone of Australia, ensuring our key services continue to receive and churn out goods and produce. We talk a lot about how to care for our trucks, trailers or vans, but what about our drivers. Without these incredible men and women our country would quite literally stop. To help support our amazing driving force, we wanted to touch on some tips to staying healthy on the road.

Truck driving is tough, our drivers spend days, weeks, months on the road, sitting behind the wheel and in some cases away from family and friends. Particularly on long-haul drives, this results in little sleep and exercise, while also subject to dangerous conditions out on the road. The flow on impact on a driver’s health can be significant.

We wanted to move the focus for this blog away from trucks maintenance and talk about some tips to help our drivers stay healthy while out on the road.

Well rested before getting behind the wheel

We know it’s easier said than done at times, however its critical to your health and safety, and the safety of others, when out on the road to ensure you’re not driving under fatigue. Make sure you take your designated breaks to ensure you’re in peak condition when getting behind the wheel.

Eat well

Maintaining a nutritious diet is critical to your overall health, and also to increase your energy levels. When you’re away from home, trying to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet can be difficult, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just more convenient to hit that drive through or fast-food option. Take the time to prepare and ensure you have healthy options available, you’ll be healthier for it and your energy levels will thank you.

Stop and stretch

It’s hard to find time to exercise when you’re out on the road. Sometimes it’s the little things like stopping, getting out of the cab and having a simple stretch. Go for a short walk. Sometimes just moving and stretching can make all the difference to relieve back pain or general aches and pains.

Stay hydrated

Australia produces some of the harshest weather conditions, from wet and wild to the harsh hot heat. No matter the weather, staying hydrated is critical to your health. Just like you ensure you truck is lubricated and oiled, make sure you keep your body well-oiled with H2O.

Take care of your truck

It wouldn’t be one of our blogs if we didn’t shout out to the health of our trucks. Maintaining your truck impacts your own safety, and the safety of others on the road. A well-maintained truck is safer on the roads for our drivers and the general public on the road. Check your brakes, oil, tyre condition, the list goes on. Ensure your truck is booked for regular servicing and maintenance, if you identify something that doesn’t seem quite right, have your local truck repair shop have look.

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