We talk a lot about regular checks and servicing of your truck, and today we wanted to take you through the importance of proper truck diagnostics. We know small problems can become big problems quickly when left unchecked. We also know unplanned downtime costs money and can have significant implications on your business.

Truck diagnostics and inspections help you understand what’s happening under the hood. Helping you, help your truck to perform at its optimal, while also extending the life of your truck. Below we have listed below some of the main reasons you should get regular checks and diagnostics completed on your truck, taking you through the importance of proper truck diagnostics.

Firstly, what is truck diagnostics?

Truck diagnostics uses the latest technology to identify electrical and mechanical issues in trucks, vans and trailers. Diagnostics are extremely valuable to the truck fleet operator to ensure that vehicles keep running. Technology surrounding trucks and truck maintenance is ever evolving and changing. We ensure we stay up to date and across the most recent technologies to ensure we are equipped to provide our customers with the most superior service and information.

How to avoid improper diagnostics

Ensure your service provider has access to proper equipment, information and experience. Ensuring these key elements are critical to ensuing you avoid an improper diagnosis. Without the proper diagnosis equipment, there is no definitive way to identify the issue. You mechanic is only able to guess what the issue is and they will be unable to undertake troubleshooting as required when further understanding and resolving the issue/s.

How often should I get my truck diagnostic service?

Most expert recommend at least once a year or as per your recommended service schedule. Remember not one truck is the same. Every truck has different working requirements and operating environments. Therefore a quality service centre will provide you with your recommended service schedule to meet the unique needs of your truck. If your truck is frequently showing issues or problems, you should consider taking it in more regularly for checks.

At Truckfix WA we push ourselves and our team to think outside the box and continue to improve our skills and knowledge. This ensures our customer reap the benefits of an ever-improving service offering. We take the time to get to know our customers to enable us to best serve their unique requirements.

Above all, our mechanical technicians are highly qualified, and factory trained, with the team at Truckfix WA ensuring that you’re back on the road in a safe, timely and affordable manner. Therefore, you’ll have peace of mind and reduce maintenance time by choosing Truckfix WA.

At Truckfix WA we’re committed to providing the highest quality of work, and delivering on the highest safety and performance standards, ensuring each one of our customers leaves us with their vehicles in its best working condition. We offer both truck, trailer, and van service schedules, as well as vehicle inspections. Call us today and ask us about our services or book your next service or inspection online.

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