Let’s talk about the cost of neglecting your truck maintenance because the cost is high. Ensuring your truck is maintained properly is vital to all aspects of your truck’s health and longevity. When we talk about the importance of truck maintenance, we’re talking (but not limited to) performance, longevity, comfort, safety, sales return when you decided to sell and lifetime cost.

Regular scheduled maintenance is the lifeblood to your truck. It’s what ensures your truck is ready to face the varied conditions and environments out on the road. Yet, despite the importance of maintenance, it’s often an area owners overlook, delay or forget about. We wanted to delve into the negative impact and cost of not having a scheduled maintenance approach in place.

The impact

Think about dominos. The same theory applies to missed scheduled maintenance with trucks. When you miss your truck’s scheduled maintenance check, you potentially miss an issue, or issues. This missed issue can result in a flow on of issues that can impact your entire truck. For example, unchecked lubrication issues can result in increased friction between your truck’s moving parts. This can then cause increased heat, causing truck parts to warp, and wear out prematurely. Low levels of lubrication can also cause engine damage, increased emissions, accelerated wear and tear, poor fuel efficiency, and ultimately costly repairs for you and your business. All of this from just one potential issue which scheduled maintenance would check and clear prior to any cascading issues arising. 

Wear and tear: Increase, and accelerated wear and tear are the most common issues which arises from neglected truck maintenance.

Compromised safety: Beyond the cost implications of neglected maintenance, there is a significant risk to safety. Think about the impact of faulty brakes, worn tyres or malfunctioning lights, these are all vital examples of potential impacts of not booking your truck in for schedule routine maintenance. For the safety of yourself and others on the road, routine maintenance is vital.

Decreased resale value: When the time comes to sell your truck, one of the key areas a potential buyer will look at is how well maintained your truck is. By not having scheduled maintenance records, this will have a substantial impact on your resale value, de-valuing your truck hugely.

At the end of the day, neglecting your truck’s scheduled maintenance is not only dangerous to you and others on the road, it will result in higher costs for your business. From reduced performance to safety issues, to diminished resell value, the impacts speak for themselves. By prioritising regular maintenance you’re able to identify small issues before they become large, more costly cascading issues throughout your truck.   

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