Don’t let small issues become big issues! Whether you’re running your truck around town, or you’re running it long distances, across state or country, you need to ensure your truck can go the distance. Ask yourself, do I know the signs my truck needs a little TLC.

Sometimes it’s a noise or a smell that seems off, or it’s a more obvious issue like an oil leak. Regardless of the urgency of the sign or issue, don’t ignore signs that your truck needs to be looked at. Remember, small issues can turn into big issues quickly in trucks. Below we’ve listed some of easiest ways to know if your truck needs a little TLC.

Increased fuel consumption

If your truck is churning through fuel, this is a sign something might not be right. It could be a leak or a fault in the fuel tank, or a wider engine issue. Increased fuel consumption is a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle.

Signs Your Truck needs a little TLC

Slow starting engine

You know the sound. When your engine turns  or clicks over multiple times before starting up. This is an early indicator that something might not be quite right. Consider this a red flag and get your engine looked at before that slow starting engine turns into a much bigger issue.

Oil leak

We always say, prior to getting in your truck, make sure you do your pre-drive inspection. When doing a walk around your truck, if you notice oil is leaking, call us straight away. A small oil leak can quickly turn into an unmanageable issue, this is something that should never go unchecked.

Aged or low tread tyres

We’ve spoken a lot about tyre safety in other blogs, so this sign shouldn’t comas a surprise that if you notice your tyres have low tread, or you know your tyre are old, that this is a sign to get them look at. You should be checking your tyres before every drive. If you notice low tread or low air pressure, call  us at Truckfix WA and get your tyres replaced.

Strange sounds and noises

If you think you smell something weird or hear something that doesn’t sound quite right, you’re probably best to follow your instinct on this one. Nobody knows your truck like you do, so if you hear or smell something out of the norm, get it checked straight away.

Ensure your truck gets the highest quality of care and maintenance to ensure if runs in peak condition. Regular servicing is important, but that doesn’t mean issues won’t occur when our on the road. Ensure you know the key signs and red flags to indicate when your truck needs a little extra TLC.

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