Engine overheating is a common issue with diesel engines, particularly during the hot summer months. We often get questions from our customers during the hotter months about how they can ensure their engines don’t overheat. It’s important to understand common reasons diesel engines overheat, not just in the hotter months, but all year round.

We wanted to help answer some of these concerns by walking you through some of the most common reasons why diesel engines overheat.

  1. Engine coolant issues
  2. Faulty fuel injectors
  3. Malfunctioning radiator fan
  4. Faulty water pump

We don’t want your truck to get to the point where your diesel engine overheats. Ensure you get in contact with your local truck professionals is you notice any of the above issues occur, or if you think something isn’t sound mechanically.

You can never be too careful when it comes to the maintenance and safety of your vehicle. At Truckfix WA we can check over your truck, van or trailer – if you’re unsure or think something isn’t operating in peak condition.

At Truckfix WA we’re committed to providing the highest quality of work, and delivering on the highest safety and performance standards, ensuring each one of our customers leaves us with their vehicles in its best working condition. We offer both truck, trailer, and van service schedules, as well as vehicle inspections.

The team here at Truckfix WA have a wide range of experience in truck & trailer service, repairs & rebuilds; specialising in European and Japanese trucks. Some of the truck brands we specialise in, include, Iveco trucksDAF trucksVolvo trucksFuso trucksIsuzu trucksUD trucks and Hino trucks, just to name a few

Call us today and ask us about our services or book your next service or inspection online.

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