Is your truck ready for the summer heat? With long hot summer days just around the corner, we’ve put together some Pre-Summer Truck Inspection Tips we wanted to share our advice on how to prepare your truck, trailer, or van for the summer period.

“Maintaining your truck in summer is just as important as in winter. Over the next few months, it’s a great time to start thinking about, and getting your truck ready for those hot summer days and nights. Your safety, the safety of your driver and vehicle should be your number one priority. Australia produces some extremely harsh summer weather conditions, which can be tough on your engines, transmissions and tyres”, Chris advises.

Summer preparation and maintenance means placing emphasise on your cooling system by inspecting for radiator corrosion, examining the coolant system for adequate pressure, and monitoring your water pumps for leaks to ensure the engine maintains at an appropriate temperature.

Preparation is key!

Your engine is already producing heat, but when the summer temperature sores, it increases the risk of overheating and overall engine breakdown. A driver stranded in these conditions is also at risk, as a vehicle cab will heat up quickly on the side of the road in the harsh Australian conditions. 

Pre-Summer Inspection

To help you ensure safety first for your driver and vehicle, Chris has provided his ‘Pre-Summer Inspection’ check list with some helpful tips and hints on how you can keep your truck running in peak condition through the hot summer months.

Test your air conditioner

You don’t want to get caught in the heat without your aircon. Check for leaks in your valves and hoses and check the coolant to make sure your air conditioning is working well. What are your looking for? When you switch on your air conditioning, check for odd smells, and sounds or a lack of cold air. If any of these issues come up in your inspection, you’ll need to get your air conditioner system looked at by a professional.

Maintain the cooling system

Check your radiator and overflow tanks to make sure your engine is being appropriately cooled.

Air filters

Check your air filters are not full of contaminants or debris. If they are, your air filters will have a more difficult time in doing their job. Efficient running air filters will also maximise your trucks fuel economy. Air filters run more effectively when they are clean, increasing fuel economy, while reducing the chance of your engine shutting down in the future. Be sure to have a great cleaning kit on hand.

Inspect the brakes

Check your brake operations for wear and tear prior to leaving on your next trip. Inspect your parking brake, hydraulic brakes, air brakes and brake pads.

Test the battery

The summer months can be harsh on batteries. Ensure you battery is in peak working order prior to summer. Battery corrosion can occur more in the summer heat, it’s important to keep your batteries maintained and corrosion free. Corrosion build up leads to a lower voltage and can eventually cause the battery to stop operating. Examine batteries and cables for cracks and other damage.

Oil check

One of the first things you should check is your engine oil. Consistent checks of you oil, will keep your engine running in tip top condition. Oil changes improve engine lubrication and remove grime.  

Check tyre quality

Prepare your tyres by rotating them regularly prior to, and during the summer months. Make sure you inspect your tyres, as they may be worn from the winter months. Don’t risk a flat tyre. Ensure your tyre pressure is correct and ready to go before hitting the road.

These tips will provide you with peace of mind that your truck is ready for the hotter months. Our goal is that your vehicle will experience the advantages of improved safety, lower maintenance costs, reduced fuel consumption, enhanced performance, and increased vehicle up time.

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Truckfix WA is a family owned and run service centre, located in Forrestfield. Providing Truck, Trailer and Van service and repairs. Started by husband and wife, Chris and Claire, Truckfix WA specialise in servicing and repairing European and Japanese Trucks, as well as trailers and vans. Specifically specialising in truck service & repairs across makes such as, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Fuso, Isuzu, UD and Hino trucks, just to name a few.

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