When something goes wrong with our truck and you need to source new parts and components, knowing what parts – genuine or aftermarket – can be challenging. We know the same part made by a manufacturer can be available across many brands, but which one do you choose?

We wanted to breakdown a few of the most common myths we hear about aftermarket truck parts. At Truckfix WA we work closely with our customers to weigh up the best options to suit the unique needs of our customer and their truck.

The price matters most

When sourcing parts for your truck, we know it can get pricey. Dependent on what you are after and the issue at hand, will determine which avenue you should go down – genuine or aftermarket. There’s a danger in choosing parts based on price alone, cheaper products are not always better, but in some instances low-cost components may do the job based on your individual requirements. We always work with our customers to source the best option for their needs.

Parts must be bought from a dealership

Parts are not only available at dealerships, but you can also purchase parts from Truck parts suppliers and aftermarket suppliers. At Truckfix WA, we supply genuine and aftermarket parts to our customers. Ask us about what parts we stock today.

Rebuild and remanufactured parts are the same

Rebuilding parts takes a damaged part or component and fixes what is wrong, for example this may include replacing the damaged parts within a component. With remanufacturing, the components of a part a repurposed, meaning all components of that part are inspected to ensure they are working as required and then repurposed in other part rebuilds. 

Remember, if you’re unsure, ask the question. At Truckfix WA we’re here to help. The team at Truckfix WA have a wide range of experience in truck & trailer service, repairs & rebuilds, specialising in European and Japanese trucks. Some of the truck brands we specialise in, include Iveco trucksDAF trucksVolvo trucksFuso trucksIsuzu trucksUD trucks and Hino trucks, just to name a few.

Get in contact with us at Truckfix WA, Perth’s European and Japanese truck engine rebuild and reconditioning specialists today!

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