We know most truck drivers / owners know they need to keep up to date with their service schedules and truck maintenance to ensure their truck continues to operate in peek condition. With this said, we often find it’s knowing which truck parts and accessories to keep an eye on to avoid costly break downs. Over time truck parts and accessories break down and need repairing or replacing.

Below we have listed the most common truck parts we find need replacing on the regular, so you can make sure you stay on top of yours.


In today’s day and age, with technology to support, it is rare that brakes will fail without providing you an issue first. It’s important as an operator that you know what to look for when it comes to issues with your brakes. We’ve listed some of the top warning signs your brakes need checking. Warning signs you should never ignore.

We recommend prior to hitting the road, you check the following:

  • Check your brake light turns on
  • Check there is no leaking fluid
  • Check there is no pull or odd sensation when braking


Your tyres are one of the most important features of your truck which have the potential to impact safety on the road. If you notice your tyres are showing worn tread, cuts, abrasions, bulges, etc, ensure you your get your tyres changed. Tyre damage or losing a tyre can turn deadly on the road.


The transmission in your truck is responsible transferring power from the engine to the wheels. This can result in costly repairs if not checked regularly. Transmission fluid can breakdown over time cause issues. Things you should look out for include:

  • Dashboard Warning
  • Noise when changing gears
  • Engine burning smell
  • Gear behaviour problems


Suspension plays a major role to keep your truck stable and balanced while moving on the road. Like everything in your truck, your suspension is prone to wear and tear. We recommend keep an eye of for the following common signs of suspension problems:

  • Your truck pulling to one side
  • Feeling every bump
  • Difficulty steering or loosing handling when driving

Keep an eye on these key areas during your pre-drive inspection and also while out on the road. If you’re ever unsure of anything, call us at Truckfix WA.

Don’t forget, we’re here to help you along the way. At Truckfix WA we specialise in servicing European and Japanese heavy vehicles. Specifically specialising in truck service and repairs across makes such as Iveco trucksDAF trucksVolvo trucksFuso trucksIsuzu trucksUD trucks and Hino trucks, and many more.

Get in contact with Perth’s European and Japanese truck engine rebuild and reconditioning specialists today!

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