Yes, let’s talk about coolant choices! Coolant often gets grouped as just another fluid you need to ensure is going into your truck. When you book your truck in for an inspection or service, your coolant levels will get checked with your oil.  But how much do you really know and understand about the role coolant plays in keeping your truck operating in peak condition and which coolant choice is right for you.

Did know, coolant plays the following roles in your truck:

  1. Protects your engine from overheating or freezing
  2. Protects your engine and cooling system from rust and corrosion
  3. Lubricates the moving parts it comes into contact with

The main purpose of coolant is to transfer heat, and in turn prevent damage to the engine as a result of the engine boiling or freezing. Remember, without the right coolant and the right level of coolant, it can result in expensive problems for you and your truck.

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A question we often get asked, “what are the different types of coolant?” and “what coolant do I need for my vehicle?”. The answer is simple, there are three main types of coolants:

  1. Inorganic Acid Technology, IAT
  2. Organic Acid Technology, OAT
  3. Hybrid Organic Acid Technology, HOAT

Speak to us about the right coolant for your truck. We’ll talk you through the coolant products we use and talk you through the most suitable for your truck.

What happens if I use the wrong coolant?

Again, we get asked this question a lot. Depending on the many variables of your vehicle, these will dictate which coolant you should be using. If you don’t use the right coolant, your vehicle will suffer longer term issues from corrosion and engine degradation.

Mistakenly, drivers diagnose these issues as engine or radiator failures, rather than identifying that the wrong coolant was used. It is always best to contact your service centre if you think you have engine or radiator problems occurring. Damage from the wrong coolant being used, or old coolant occurs inside the engine and therefore you may not realise the extent of the issue until its too late.

Find out more about choosing the right coolant by calling us today. We check coolant levels at every inspection and service.

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