Is your truck pulling to the right or left as your driving? Or have you noticed unusual or uneven tyre wear? Then your wheel alignment may need to be adjusted.

Have you had a truck laser wheel alignment recently? The signs can be obvious when your truck or van is in need of a wheel alignment. You will notice clear changes in the handling of your vehicle, such as:

  • Vehicle pulling or drifting to the right or left
  • Vibrations or shuddering through the steering wheel
  • Steering wheel feels offside, even when driving straight
  • Uneven tyre wear

Don’t jeopardise your safety, or the safety of others on the road.

A tyre which is out of balance can often impact the quality and life of your tyres, shocks, bearings and other suspension components. Preventative maintenance is highly recommended to ensure you manage prevent the bigger more costly issues which can arise.  Wheel alignments provide many benefits, from reducing your tyre costs, increasing your truck or van’s fuel economy and safety. While poor wheel alignment can end up costing you more money in the long run.

We use experienced specialists to perform laser wheel alignments, providing unparalleled experience and precision. Truckfix WA truck, trailer and van service and repairs, aims to provide customers with an all-rounded service, that means, whether you have an Iveco truck, DAF truck, Volvo truck, Fuso truck, Isuzu truck, UD trucks and Hino truck, or any other truck, trailer or van, we’re your one-stop-shop for your vehicles servicing and repair needs.

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