One of the common questions we’re asked from owner drivers, businesses and our customers, is “how much does a truck engine rebuild cost?”. At Truckfix WA, we have over 50+ years of experience across the team and specialise in engine rebuilds across European & Japanese truck makes. Some of the truck brands we specialise in, include Iveco trucks, DAF trucks, Volvo trucks, Fuso trucks, Isuzu trucks, UD trucks and Hino trucks, just to name a few. If you’re in need of an engine rebuild, or not sure if you are and just need to chat it through, get in contact with us, we’re here to help with any questions and to help you make the decision that’s best for you and your truck.

In today’s market, trucks generally experience longer life spans compared to years gone past. Rather than swapping trucks out every few years, owner drivers and businesses are finding it’s more cost effective to keep trucks for longer periods of time, often up to 10+ years. Keep in mind, this is with a consistent maintenance schedule.

Engine rebuild

While keeping trucks for longer periods of time can create financial savings, it also means owner drivers and businesses can be faced with difficult decisions around engine maintenance, upkeep, repairs and rebuilds. One of the key questions often faced when trucks start to show signs of wear and tear, is whether to rebuild or replace the engine or parts impacted.

How much does an engine rebuild on a truck cost?

The cost of an engine rebuild varies depending on the engine make and rebuild requirements specific to the truck. An average engine rebuild we see go through our workshop generally costs anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. At Truckfix WA, we specialise in engine rebuilds across European & Japanese truck makes. We’ve completed engine rebuilds across truck makes including Iveco trucks, DAF trucks, Volvo trucks, Fuso trucks, Isuzu trucks, UD trucks and Hino trucks, just to name a few.

For owner drivers and businesses, it’s often overwhelming when your truck is down and off the road. Costing you money in downtime, as well as the many decisions you need to make about what direction to take with repairs. 

When should I consider an engine rebuild for my truck?

Often, when a truck needs an engine rebuild, it’s difficult to justify purchasing a new engine due to the age of the truck. Engine rebuilds are a great option for any engine experiencing issues but aren’t necessarily too old or excessively worn. An engine rebuild could resolve engine issues, while also saving you significant investment. This is because you don’t have to completely replace the engine.

Truckfix WA have helped countless owner drivers and business through truck engine rebuilds. From the initial decision-making process, right through to rebuilding the engine or specific part components, to testing and getting the truck back on the road and operational. An engine rebuild is not an easy decision. There are a lot of variables which go into deciding if it is the best option for a particular truck. That’s why we work with our clients to weigh up the pros and cons of what’s required. With so many variables making up the decision, every situation is unique.

What exactly is a truck engine rebuild?

A truck engine rebuild is often the best solution for a worn or damaged engine, where the truck still has life in it. In many cases, it’s often a specific engine or part component that is worn or damaged. In this case, we only need to remove, repair or replace the damaged component, leaving the rest intact. We tailor the rebuild to the needs and requirements of your truck. At Truckfix WA, we provide a thorough inspection, clean and rebuild of your engine from the ground up. Getting your truck back on the road, with enhanced performance and durability.

What are the benefits of an engine rebuild?

There are many benefits to getting your diesel engine rebuilt, including:

  • improved fuel economy and consumption, avoiding the emissions of many harmful pollutants,
  • enhanced durability and power of your truck,
  • improved performance of your truck, and
  • improve the speed and efficiency of your truck.

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