Do you know the basics of fluid maintenance for your truck? Think about it like this. Your fluids are the heartbeat of your truck. Why? Because they play a critical role in maintaining the overall health of your engine and therefore your truck.

Proper maintenance of your European or Japanese truck is key to keeping it running in top notch condition and ensuring long term optimal performance. As a truck operator or owner, you have a responsibility to ensure your truck is receiving proper maintenance in this area to

We know that when it comes to our trucks, there are many maintenance aspects to consider. We find that, when chatting to our customers and operators and owners in the Perth market, one area that often goes under the radar, it the vital role that fluids play and crucial role of fluid maintenance.  So we’re delving into all thing’s fluid maintenance, how fluid impact the performance of your truck, it’s reliability and ultimately your truck’s overall health.  

So what fluids are we talking about. Below provides you with a list of fluid to keep and eye on and ensure regular maintenance, checks and changes.

Engine Oil

What role does engine oil play in the maintenance and performance of your truck. Think about engine oil as the life blood of your truck, lubricating your engine and all its moving parts. Reducing friction and wear and tear. Remember, you want to make sure your having regular oil changes and checks are critical to ensuring your truck is running in peak condition. 


Coolant plays a critical role in keeping your temperatures in check. Remember, your truck sustains significant heat as a result of the demanding and heavy workloads. The main purpose of coolant is to transfer heat, and in turn prevent damage to the engine as a result of the engine boiling or freezing. Remember, without the right coolant and the right level of coolant, it can result in expensive problems for you and your truck.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid ensure you keep your gear changes smooth, while reducing friction and heat build-up while out on the road. The transmission in your truck is responsible transferring power from the engine to the wheels. This can result in costly repairs if not checked regularly. Transmission fluid can breakdown over time cause issues.  

Power Steering Fluid

Steer your truck with ease. Your power steering fluid ensures effortless control of your truck and ensuring a more comfortable drive through improved manoeuvrability. You need to ensure you have suitable levels and clean fluid.

Brake Fluid

Safety should always be your number one priority. Ensuring you have the right amount of brake fluid is critical. when it comes to your brakes there’s no time to mess around – get them checked straight away for your own peace of mind and safety.

So remember, fluid maintenance, while often overlooked, is vital to your trucks performance and longevity of your engine. Speak to your local truck service centre to ensure you’re adhering to proper fluid maintenance schedules and utilising high-quality fluids.  

At Truckfix WA we’re committed to providing the highest quality of work, and delivering on the highest safety and performance standards, ensuring each one of our customers leaves us with their vehicles in its best working condition. We offer truck, trailer, and van service schedules, as well as vehicle inspections. Call us today and ask us about our services or book your next service or inspection online.

We specialise in servicing European and Japanese heavy vehicles. Specifically specialising in truck service and repairs across makes such as Iveco trucksDAF trucksVolvo trucksFuso trucksIsuzu trucksUD trucks and Hino trucks, and many more.

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