What do we mean by ‘Don’t ignore the signs’… When it comes to your service schedule, there are often variations to the type of service you’re booked in for. Are you booking in for a minor service, major service, specific inspection… there are many variations. The usage of your vehicle and the conditions it’s operated in determine your service and repair schedule, making each truck or fleet unique in its requirements.

When we talk about ‘signs’, or say ‘don’t ignore the signs’, we’re talking about those pesky day-to-day issues, you know the ones that just pop up. You’re driving and you notice something doesn’t quite work like it used to, a button doesn’t press properly, a toggle doesn’t pull, something doesn’t quite run as smooth as it used to etc. These daily issues can build up or flow into other bigger issues.

We’re often asked, what are the smaller issues to look out for, or what signs should we look out for. We’ve listed some of the main signs we notice, or that our customers mention to us to try and help you stay on top of those checks and balances.

We want you to stay safe out on the road, so when you’re doing you daily checks, keep these smaller issues in mind so they don’t become bigger issues down the track.

Seat belts: Seat belts are known to wear over time. Think about it, every time you’re in your truck you’re using them. Have you noticed they’re frayed or showing damage, they’re not pulling through as they should. Ensure your seat belts are working in proper working order.

Mirrors and sunshades: Are your mirrors and sunshades holding in the right position? If you notice you are constantly having to adjust them, this is a sign that the pivot points are not holding correctly and have loosened. Mirrors and sunshades are an important safety feature within your truck, so if you are noticing an issue, ensure you get them checked out.

Seat adjusters: We only recommend adjusting your seat while your vehicle is stationary. If you notice that your seat adjustment is lagging or jolting, ensure you get it checked.

Door hinges: If you notice your door hinges are making noises or become difficult to open, this could be a result of damage or rust. Both can end up resulting in larger issues. Be sure to get them checked.

Tyres: Your tyres are one of the most important features of your truck which have the potential to impact safety on the road. If you notice your tyres are showing worn tread, cuts, abrasions, bulges, etc, ensure you your get your tyres changed. Tyre damage or losing a tyre can turn deadly on the road.

Waring lights: A warning or check engine light are the most common issue we generally see. These lights illuminate when the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit) detects an error code triggered by a sensor. If a warning light appears, ensure you action this warning straight away. If you’re unable or unsure of what step to take, contact us and we’ll help you. Warning lights are not to be left unchecked.

Interior cab lights: Ensure all interior cab lights are operating as required.

External headlights and brake lights: Check all headlights and brake lights are operating as required. We always recommend including this check in your daily pre-drive inspection.

So remember, don’t ignore the signs, even if they’re small.

Of course these are only a few of the more common incidental issues we experience. If you think we have missed any, please comment below and share your thoughts.

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